Popular tips for Baccarat in 2020

          There are more than hundreds strategy tips of Baccarat formulas, but some formulas are not very popular with gamblers. Perhaves it’s difficult to use or the result are not as expected. Another reason is the dealer is starting to find a way to cope with that.

1. Ping Pong Formula is the most popular tip ever. The cards are issued alternating sides 4 times in a row between the Player and the Banker. There for it can be called “Ping Pong Formula”. This tip easy to use, just look for a room that has switched sides 4 times in a row. You can bet on the 5th turn that can be started immediately. This formula will continue to bet 2-3 times from the 4th time only. So, if from now on it is advisable to stop and wait to see the direction of the situation again.

          2. Dragon Card Formula is one popular with most gamblers. By the nature of this strategy, there is nothing difficult. The direction of the result will be poured to either side several times in a row. Of course, this formula will start counting after 4 consecutive draws. In addition, how to use this formula will need to look at the statistics of the table we will play. If any table has been issued to either side more than 4 times in a row, the player should go in and bet on that side immediately, at least there are 3 more chances to get out of the same side. Unless there is a change of deck of cards the player should stop first.

          3. PPBBBB (Player: Banker) This formula might be more complicated. However, according to statistics, show that it has a win rate up to 80%. The player able to use this formula to play. And it’s must be completed 6 times according to the formula PPBBBB only. If something goes wrong, this formula will not work immediately. Thus, The process of using this formula, if the statistics come out as PPBBBB, when the next turn let’s play on the P side immediately. It’s can only be used for the 7th time. Therefore, before placing a bet, you should calculate and check the formula well.

          4. Two Point Betting Formula : Many gamblers are still unknown and It’s has a very low chance of losing. Although the profits may not be as large as other formulas, but suitable for gamblers who like certainty and stable results, prefer low risk. How to use this tip, we will bet only 4 of them, namely Player, Banker, Big and Small, with each round only bet 2 points. without caring about what the past cards were issued Which according to statistic reveals that there is a total winning chance more than 90%, but exactly the profitability will be lower than other formulas. Because it is a risk diversification.

          5.BBBBS Formula: This formula has become more popular in the past. Usually, most bets like this are mostly BIG. And surely that the payout rate is less than the SMALL bet, which comes with low risk. Therefore, the formula BBBBS was happened. After 4 rounds of BIG issuing, it’s going to be SMALL, the next turn usually continues SMALL also. And this is a big chance because, as you know, SMALL has a higher pay rate than Player or Banker. So, if you use this formula, just go ahead!!